FoxNet Tips from the Bar: Converged Infrastructure

February 23, 2015

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Jim is back at the FoxNet bar and he’s brought with him a long list of problems – including problems with the boss!

He has been trying to convince his CEO Jaime on the concept of Converged Infrastructure without any success. It seems Jim isn’t as persuasive as he thought.

Bill Fox supports Jim’s idea and sets him on a path of persuasion.

Converged infrastructure can address technical and business efficiencies and limit sprawl with the pooling and sharing of IT resources.

You can automate and manage all of your technology using a converged infrastructure strategy. FoxNet will help you reduce complexity using pre-integrated hardware and virtualization solutions.

Converged infrastructure will lower your costs, improve efficiency and increase your IT agility. It’s a dream come true! Meet the needs of your IT and your business all while saving time, money and resources. Want to know more? Visit our “contact page” for more information.





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