FoxNet Tips From the Bar: Remote Office

May 28, 2015

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After three seasons and plenty of laughs, we have arrived at the series finale of FoxNet’s Tips From the Bar. It’s sad to see our final episode air, but the FoxNet team has had a ton of fun over the past two years, planning, writing, and acting in Tips From the Bar!

This last episode is one you won’t want to miss!

We’re talking about remote office, so you can guarantee someone is on the move. Find out how the series will end and where our lovable bar regulars will end up!

Bartender Bill will remind us that a remote office can be anywhere!

As companies grow so do the number of ROBOs (Remote Office and Branch Office locations). Remote office locations are harder to support and they experience downtime for all kinds of reasons from dead batteries, pulled power cords, disorganized cabling and high room temperatures!

FoxNet can help you manage your remote locations to ensure uptime and keep track of your IT so that nothing is out of sight or out of mind. Ask us about our remote office recommendations.

Learn more about remote offices by watching Season 3 Episode 6 of Tips From the Bar. It’s the series finale and one you should see! Watch here.

Thank you to everyone who has laughed along with us during three seasons of Tips From the Bar. We’ve had a ton of fun and appreciate all of your support!

Cheers from the FoxNet bar!

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