Stay Secure with FoxNet’s #SafeData Checklist

March 17, 2017

There’s no shortage of reasons to stay on top of data safety. From ransomware attacks to unexpected disasters, it’s important to have a plan for your organization’s data. There’s a quote that likely haunts many CTOs: “Every company either has been breached or will be breached,” said Ralph de la Vega, president and CEO, AT&T Mobile and Business Solutions.

FoxNet is here to help, and that’s why we created a free downloadable #SafeData checklist to help you cover all your security bases. Follow our 8 Steps to #SafeData, and you can be confident that you’re covering all your security bases.

“Every company either has been breached or will be breached” – Ralph de la Vega, president and CEO, AT&T Mobile and Business Solutions.

#SafeData Checklist


1. Is your system security up-to-date?

Out-of-date system security is one of the most common vulnerabilities that malware and other online threats exploit. If it’s been six months or more since your system security was updated, you’re putting your data at risk every time you log on.

2. Is your WiFi secure?

Securing your WiFi with a password that’s difficult for others to guess is important. If you fail to secure your WiFi, anyone in range with a laptop, phone, or other device can hop onto your network and use your connection to download potentially illegal files, view other devices using the network, and, if they’re skilled, view your private data.


Curious about our other 6 steps to #SafeData? Visit here to access FoxNet’s complete #SafeData Checklist.

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