Smart Parking Pilot Project: An IoT Milestone

July 18, 2018

Last month, FoxNet was thrilled to be part of the Data Hub Sessions at Communitech. Joined by the City of Stratford, ODX and eleven-x, we enjoyed the opportunity to be part of a panel discussing the Stratford’s Smart Parking Pilot Project. It was a great experience, allowing us to share information about how IoT solutions can make cities smarter.

The local data community learned about different parts of the project, whether it relates to the needs of the municipality, the release of open data or most importantly, the agility of smaller companies in designing custom IoT solutions.  

The parking project is the first of its kind to provide a municipality with a real-time map revealing open parking spaces. As a result, we saw some great media coverage that highlighted the technology developed in Waterloo on CTV and in the Record.

The map is now on the City of Stratford’s website and available for everyone to access. City visitors will be able to view and use the information to assist with parking-related woes in Stratford’s downtown core. In addition, data collected by the sensors was released to the public for use in other projects.

One thing is clear: there are huge opportunities ahead with IoT. These possibilities will have a significant impact on both cities and citizens. Our collaboration is evidence of the amazing things that can be achieved with the right partners. If you missed the session, you can watch the video here.


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