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Stratford Partners with ODX, eleven-x, FoxNet on Smart Parking Pilot Project

Posted on February 16

Stratford, February 16th, 2018 – The City of Stratford is moving forward on an innovative pilot project that will enable it to track the usage of municipal parking spaces, and eventually make that data available to the public. The smart parking initiative, which brings the City together with partners eleven-x, FoxNet and Canada’s Open Data […]   Read full post »

IoT and Industry 4.0

Posted on February 14

by Bill Dupley    I was reading a recent article in Canadian Business weekly regarding the reshoring of manufacturing jobs in North America. Here is a quote from the article: “Manufacturing is returning to North America. It is called “re-shoring” and is happening for several reasons. Chief among these is that labour costs in Canada […]   Read full post »

IoT: A real business solution or just another technology fad?

Posted on January 23

by Bill Dupley   I was reading an article this week about a city that has invested millions in its IoT initiative. The article discussed all the things the city will now be able to do with the data it will collect from these sensors, and the possibilities were very interesting. This IoT system was […]   Read full post »

Hybrid IT: Barriers and Challenges

Posted on December 20

by Bill Dupley   Last month I talked about what I wished I asked my Cloud Provider before I bought them. This month I will continue to discuss the barriers and challenges to implementing a Hybrid IT Operating Model. A good military planner spends a great deal of time understanding the obstacles or barriers to […]   Read full post »

Why Hybrid Cloud is the New Normal for Enterprises

Posted on November 24

We are living in times when it’s hard to imagine our lives without technology. Our centre of command is sitting in our pockets, and we are just a few taps away from booking a flight, checking our bank account or reading the news about our favourite football team. Our fast pace of life demands uninterrupted […]   Read full post »

What I Wish I’d Known before Choosing My Cloud Provider

Posted on November 20

by Bill Dupley   A recent survey by IT optimization experts indicated that almost half (40%) of organizations who use the public cloud report eventually switching back to onsite storage due to dissatisfaction with what the cloud delivers. In other words, 40% of organizations report that the experience of using the public cloud did not […]   Read full post »

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