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Tech Download: Harnessing the Ecosystem of IoT for Your Business

Posted on July 26

This month for Tech Download, we spoke with Marty Parrest, Service Delivery Manager at FoxNet, about big data and the Internet of Things (IoT). Marty provides an expert perspective on the ways that small- to medium-sized enterprises can harness the power of IoT, as well as some fascinating insights on both the promises and challenges of IoT. […]   Read full post »

Can You Outsmart a Ransomware Attack?

Posted on July 21

Being well-versed in ransomware risks is increasingly important for retaining customer trust in today’s business environment, which is why we’ve discussed the issue before. However, new threats and viruses are being created everyday, and it’s important to stay on top of emerging trends in cyber defense. Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) is on the rise, and it’s crucial […]   Read full post »

FoxNet’s 2017 Tech Summer Reading List

Posted on June 28

Looking for a good tech read this summer? We’ve got some suggestions! The best way to stay on top of a rapidly changing industry is to keep yourself informed, and we know you’ll learn something from each of these great reads! From big data to the Internet of Things, here are our top reading recommendations […]   Read full post »

Maintaining Customer Trust in the Age of Ransomware

Posted on June 26

  Suffering a cyber attack is an IT department’s worst nightmare. The risk of sensitive data being corrupted, stolen, or exploited is a real one, and many IT professionals work hard to prevent this from occurring. New Canadian laws, as part of the Digital Privacy Act, mean keeping your data safe is more important than […]   Read full post »

What We Learned: Tintri Event

Posted on June 12

Recently, FoxNet enjoyed a night of virtual reality gaming with Tintri, a partner supplier of virtualized environments. Attendees learned about how virtual machines and VM-aware data centres can streamline company performance and processes. Tintri focuses on purpose-built design for virtualization and cloud storage. In an increasingly virtualized environment, companies need storage and data centre options […]   Read full post »

Tech Download with Jim Griffiths – Advantages of Enterprise Backup Protection

Posted on May 31

  In our last Tech Download blog with Jim Griffiths, we discussed enterprise backup protection. This time, we’re going to dig a little bit deeper with Jim to find out how physical backups differ from enterprise backup protection, and how Veeam and FoxNet can assist with architecting enterprise solutions.   From Physical to Enterprise Backups […]   Read full post »

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