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Keys to Successful IoT Implementation

Posted on June 11

by William Dupley Introduction A successful military strategy depends on the ability of leadership to identify potential obstacles and barriers and ensure their strategy is agile enough that it can adapt. IoT projects also require in-depth implementation barrier analysis to uncover any potential obstacle that could impact a successful implementation. IoT and OT (Operational Technology) […]   Read full post »

Protecting Data With Cloud Solutions

Posted on May 28

Cloud solutions continue to grow in popularity. It’s a cost-effective way to approach data storage and backups for your business. You gain a flexible solution that’s tailored to meet your business’s needs. But is storing data on the cloud safe? It’s a valid question. Businesses across all industries need to be concerned about the security […]   Read full post »

Smart City: What is the winning formula for a Smart City?

Posted on May 16

by William Dupley Introduction It’s no secret that the IoT wave has caught the interest and fascination of many cities and manufacturers, but the truth is that IoT data on its own holds limited value. IoT initiatives collect real-time data and provide real-time alerts, but all this data still needs context. IoT data needs to […]   Read full post »

Smart Parking Architecture Case study: IoT in Stratford Ontario

Posted on April 12

Authors: William Dupley Digital Strategist, and Kirk Anderson Business Intelligence Architect, FoxNet Solutions The CBC has written an excellent summary of the Smart Parking application that FoxNet Solutions has been implementing in Stratford, Ontario. “The smart parking initiative brings the City together with partners eleven-x, FoxNet and Canada’s Open Data Exchange (ODX), involves sensors embedded […]   Read full post »

Economic Development and IoT for Cities

Posted on March 20

by William Dupley Economic Development was the #1 topic according to the National League of Cities latest report.[i]  What is very interesting is that Data/Technology and has dropped to the 10th position on the list of Issues this year. I am not surprised by this.  I was reading an article about a city that implemented […]   Read full post »

IoT and Industry 4.0

Posted on February 14

by William Dupley I was reading a recent article in Canadian Business weekly regarding the reshoring of manufacturing jobs in North America. Here is a quote from the article: “Manufacturing is returning to North America. It is called “re-shoring” and is happening for several reasons. Chief among these is that labour costs in Canada and […]   Read full post »

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