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Case Studies

May 7, 2020

COVID-19 and the Rise of the Virtual Business: The “new normal” of navigating business continuity

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed business forever. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Successful entrepreneurs and innovators understand that though change is hard—especially when forced upon us—it can be good for strengthening your business.  

As quarantines are lifted, the idea of returning to work has shifted as business leaders realize, through this unfortunate time, that the dependency on their brick-and-mortar work environments has waned, and that many of their employees and business functions are more productive and—even optimized­­—in a remote setting. Evolving to a virtual business model isn’t as scary when the first steps have already been taken, and though there are still hurdles to overcome, implementing and supporting a remote workforce may actually be advantageous for a successful business future.

Business continuity, the Plan B for many companies, was a temporary fix to get them over the challenges of a natural or other disaster until all could be put back into place and return to normal. Now business survival relies upon a persistence to keep business running from anywhere and adapt to the “new normal.”

Bridging the Business Continuity Gap

Having been pushed abruptly to make overhauls to their business processes, companies—who were just a few short months ago weighing the options of hybrid cloud infrastructures and outsourcing IT managed services—are now looking to implement these services sooner rather than later.

A virtual business relies even more heavily on an infrastructure with minimized interruptions, reduced downtime, and on-demand scalability more than ever. Once a “nice to have” a hybrid cloud solution is now a must-have to ensure virtual business stability, no matter the adversity.

In addition, outsourcing IT management has proven a saving grace as companies take advantage of the extensive knowledge of outside experts who are well-versed in remote technology management and optimization.

Delivering Real Results for Virtual Business

FoxNet has a proven track record of helping organizations of all sizes navigate the constantly changing needs of virtual business transformation and management. As you define and adjust to what the “new normal” means for your business’s future, FoxNet, in partnership with NetApp and Arrow, can help you overcome your business continuity issues, so you can:

  • Ensure the stability of your business-critical systems

  • Protect your data, and your customers’ data

  • Support your remote teams

  • Prepare for, and even avoid, future potential disruptions

  • Optimize your ability to sustain business growth

As part of its managed services offering, FoxNet provides a secure private cloud combined with fully managed or co-managed IT services that can elevate your business’s stability and security.

You have enough to worry about during this uncertain time, your business continuity now and next steps for tomorrow shouldn’t be another thing keeping you awake at night. Find out how FoxNet can help you transform all or some of your business to a virtual model for a more profitable future.

About FoxNet

For more than 18 years FoxNet has delivered custom IT solutions and provided premier managed services to customers across the Kitchener-Waterloo region. Recognized as one of Canada’s Top Service Providers, our team of experts will help you design an infrastructure solution, including on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments to meet your unique needs for these unique times and beyond. Discover how FoxNet can help your business prosper during these uncertain times.